Bio Ethanol Plant
It is one of the principal biofuels, which is naturally produced by the fermentation of sugars by yeasts or via petrochemical processes such as ethylene hydration. It is a domestically produced alternative fuel most commonly made from corn. It is also made from cellulosic feedstocks, such as crop residues and wood.
CBG has calorific value and other properties similar to CNG and hence can be utilized as green renewable automotive fuel. Thus it can replace CNG in automotive, industrial and commercial areas, given the abundance of biomass availability within the country.
Cold Storage
Cold storage is a facility that primarily stores food items that are short-lived and highly likely to get spoilt under normal conditions. These may include fruits, vegetables, fish, meat etc. These food items are stored under optimum temperature(primarily low) and humid environment as required for individual items.
A warehouse is a facility that, along with storage racks, handling equipment and personnel and management resources, allows us to control the differences between the incoming flow of goods (received from suppliers, production centers, etc.) and the outgoing flow of goods (goods being sent to production, sales, etc.).
Rice Mill
Rice mill business is one of the best options to get the maximum out of it. In most of the manufacturing opportunities established by the milling business is definitely cost intensive and profitable. And the profit that you get from the rice mill business is relative.31-Jul-2021
Dal Mill
In India, dal milling is a lucrative business. Dal is a popular and significant food grain in the country. Moreover after rice and wheat, dal milling is India's third largest food processing business. In India, dal milling is a lucrative business.
Flour Mill
Flour Mill Business, or Aata Chakki business is a profitable agriculture business with no seasonal boundaries. It is one of the most basic and essential work that too in a country like India, where we eat Rotis, Chapatis, Parathas made of different flours in our daily diet.
Oil Mill
An oil mill is a grinding mill designed to crush or bruise oil-bearing seeds, such as linseed or peanuts, or other oil-rich vegetable material, such as olives or the fruit of the oil palm, which can then be pressed to extract vegetable oils, which may used as foods or for cooking, as oleochemical feedstocks, as ...
Stone Crusher
A stone crusher plant is a profitable venture for new entrepreneurs. The demand for quality stone chips is increasing day-by-day. Land and machinery are the major fixed cost investment. Major working costs are raw material, manpower, and utilities.
Turn Key Project
Facility Availible - 1. Design 2. Drawing 3. Estimate 4. DPR 5. Subsidy 6. Bank finance  7. Permission